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Elements & Stress

When the body is distressed, imbalance occurs. In Eastern philosophies everything is a balance of natural key elements. These Elements are the foundational signatures that make up our World and are related to aspects of the chakras just as colour, sound and vibration are.

The main Elements focused upon in practice are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space Element, the latter for me means Mind/ Consciousness and space to think from simple relationship to physical space or blossoming unfolding awareness of multidimensionality and Universality.

Any imbalance of these vital forces create disturbance. Understanding the natural elements is a key role in the healer’s success. For example, some water element imbalances can lead to depression and stagnation, while too much fire element (drive), can lead to literal burn out as in a candle burning at both ends. It will devour the body for that is its fuel. Unpleasant experiences and memories buried in a distant past have a way of catching up in and can seriously ‘knock the wind out of you’ and relates to the air element and how the winds of change affect us. Too much earth element can make you feel buried under, bogged down or just plain stuck. The Space element is the theatre dome of our consciousness creating Space and Place for us to take up, in and on. When consciousness/space is threatened, the mind goes into over action naturally looking for balance and equilibrium and the body responds accordingly. Thoughts of Space that continually bring misery and sadness, create distortion in all elements present in the make up of the human frame. Frames distort if left out in all weathers and turbulent forces.

In challenging times and situations, we walk around with shame and guilt over our experiences; what we said, what someone else said. If we cannot get a handle on these rotating burning wheels of shame screeching beside us, haranguing us through life we end up feeling raw, bleeding from the inside out and  act accordingly, literally feeling skinned alive. Guilt feels weighted, like stone on the chest and gnaws or eats at us with its grinding teeth.

Unseen and repeatedly felt thought wounds taken years ago become inflamed and reinfected, if left unhealed which fester and exacerbate, the infection kept powerfully virulent by constant visitation to the sites of these injurious claims. Each time the mind lands here without comfort the wound opens again, therefore provoking the same or worsening result.

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