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Green Path Healing Energy is an holistic service practice founded in supporting clients find Balance, Wholeness and Wellbeing in everyday life. This State is as unique as the individual and sourced from the dynamic, multi-rhythmed influences in each life, balanced or not. In today’s busy lives, becoming aware of how the daily patterns of thought we allow in have the power to direct our lives mindlessly, opens SPACE for ACTION.


In stressful situations and times, old repetitive patterns can exacerbate to intrude constantly; disrupting  and disengaging us energetically, generating usually more of what we do not want to happen.  In constant repetitive motion, these irritating, churning patterns of division drain us of  our fundamental energy, leaving us burned out, stressed and flat out exhausted. This persistent loop of loss and return becomes 'LIFE until we ask 'WHY'.


 These uncomfortable and sometimes chronic energetic coils become our 'currency' coursing through, creating life's more difficult circumstances. These can become situational influences seeking attention for ACTIVE CHANGE. Change the pattern, change the stance. 

LIFE  is PATTERN. PATTERN CODES LIFE, LIFE Is BLUEPRINT and script for your scene. 


With a little practice, easy natural focus methods can reset the 'CURRENT' situation and jump-start mindfulness into being. Energizing creative power centers into true performance through heart mind practice, encourages re-generation of natural health delivered as natural 'medicine'. Focused breath-work and guided meditative journeys are entered into, where deep levels of center can be accessed gently for further and fuller exploration.  Simple, few minute, easy to follow, practice steps can help reconnect with deepest levels of consciousness. Mind-body-heart re-connection, co-ordination stems from CORE and is necessary for an harmonious life. Energy Balancing and reclamation can activate this.

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