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Medicine Path is Wisdom Path

Higher Wisdom comes from a thousand sources, solace and relief for that which is biting us within.

There are many wholeness and spiritual practices to reclaim the self. Ritual, Reflection and Ceremony are valuable in founding the space to journey within to meet the self. Therein lies the archetypes of human.

It is the secret treasure trove. Digging deeply to find the gold in the shadows is what Carl Jung’s mind medicine underlines. 


Medicine people of the Americas speak about Snake, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Condor. These are Archetypes, ‘States of Being’ and similarities are found in all Spiritual systems. I call them the Grace States, where we meet the greater guides and influencers on the central nervous system.

Those words tell us everything.

The central nervous system initiates encounters along the grace states while self-developing consciously along path. The paths guides come forward when sought, to initiate the seekers solutions. They open up the jungles into the clearer mind. The natural grove where the material and the unseen worlds meet.

The ancients, and a person’s ancestors’ beliefs and traditions hold all the secrets to the wisdom of the Elders and the holistic paths.

Several Eastern philosophies provide a spiritual road map of modern psychotherapy, with extra clarity on the archetypes and the background of how these philosophies relate in life. 

Traditional wisdom and approaches understand the fundamental role of symbols, dreams and archetypes in nature. It is not uncanny as it is about understanding the role of super-heroes so popular in human culture. Ego is also the personality of a person. It wants OUT! The healed Ego provides the rich and spirited background of how we can heal and owe it to ourselves and the globe without guilt or harm to another. Many of these philosophies have been adopted by the West as foundations to their models of modern psychotherapy and counselling which are a wonderful and dynamic thing and traditional ways must reclaim our lawful places in mental health. It is when wisdom and path resonate with us, we uncover the dynamic and fundamental paths to the mysteries and why we are on Earth as we are.  Powerful eastern philosophies gel well with the bardic and influential old ways of England and Europe. The everlasting magic of Celtic and Gaelic influences and historical traditions in family led to the mystical inner roads to combine the heart of the Tao’s elf in the self. It became the dynamic combination without trying to harm, yet share a more common experience than we know, and the practical walking of  it.


As seekers, we yearn for Hummingbird and Condor, while Truth lies in snake and jaguar, our bigger earthly natures. There are many paths, and the journey guides are waiting.

​The quantifiable, experienced resources opening gently, provide profound and experiential insight in promoting compassionate growth, for wellness and healthier, improved being.


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Self-Regulating, Quantifying Life Force's, Clean

Good Energy SYSTEM.


'How did this become that?’ 

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