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Medicine Path is Wisdom Path

Higher Wisdom comes from a thousand sources, solace and relief for that which is biting, stinging or burning within. To hear the ‘message’ we have to ‘listen’ and then act. Comprehension can grant relief and conscious follow through. Perseverance reveals our greatest sources of strength, courage and personal recovery; systems hard wired in us from wombing, just as our programming is. Medicine for me in the traditional sense, is Wisdom for the Seeking Soul becoming Whole. It is unique to every individual, just as experiences are. We share commonalities but each gleaning will be unique.

Medicine people of the Americas speak about Snake, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Condor. These are ‘States of Being’ and qualitative similarities are found in all Spiritual and Religious systems; Grace States, the Initiate encounters while developing consciously along the chosen path. Entrance is earned through courage, strength fortitude, skill, will and determination, aided by Love, Lifesource Guides and the Seekers own ideas of evolution.

These States are accessed only through understanding, undertaking and absorbing the truth behind manifestation. As seekers, we yearn for Hummingbird and Condor, but Truth lies in the coil of the snake and in our base natures. While Snake can strike to effectively kill, this powerful, mystical, symbol also has the antidote safely stored in its auxiliary stores, awaiting extraction and alchemy.

In some of our history this is symbolized by the Caduceus; a snake emblem staff carried by Hermes, or Mercury (a symbol of information, carried by lightning fast aerial messengers of the gods and emblem appropriate). In the East this is experienced as energetic Life Force, 'Kundalini'  the Snake Mother; pure Creation Source Energy in tangible form; lying at the base of the spine within the delicate yet profound frame of the human body. This quantifiable, experienced source opening gently, can provide us with profound, experiential insight promoting growth, evolution, wholeness and new being.


A word to the wise of un-cautionary mysteries. Unexpected or sudden kundalini (read more under Chakras, Energy and Mystery Paths) rising can cause and effect very distressful symptoms and should not always be confused with ‘an enlightenment’ factor. Enlightenment is a sought out, stayed on and manifested course. Unexpected  'Risings' can be highly disruptive, intoxicingly confusing, frighteningly demanding and bizarrely strange when encountered and can genuinely create havoc when experienced forcefully. 

Please call for further inquiry.

Energy Medicine is Practice Supporting Wholeness


In Eastern Wholeness concepts, maintaining equilibrium in the Human system is also through the maintenance of quantifiable balancing Elements (see more under Energy Solutions,) in the bodies system. Excess or deficiency in any of these elements can create 'surcease 'or 'surcharge' in the system to deplete further, exacerbating mood disorders, elevating  stress and other related symptoms which show up as 'feeling Bad’. These ‘feelings’ can drain, exhaust or squash you, while ‘good’ feelings lift, restore and expand you. The ‘quality or flavor’ of the feeling, determines the ‘force’ of energy that needs outlet somewhere. In or out all energy has to move as it is a roil and coil of Electron 'Current.'  Learning to sense for oneself through a guided approach the body’s energetic portals (chakras) allows a true w-holistic, personal auditing of how one’s inner-health is always ‘just letting us know’ what is going on in the body through symptom. Gaging what causes ‘flareups’ or chronic situations and patterns can help us understand how we energetically and unconsciously hook into areas with racing thoughts, creating emotions that come with an infestation of unwanted lodgers and dodgers creating contortion and ‘mess’ distress. It is here we can learn to identify ‘WHAT' does  belong to us and what does not. How we so easily and needlessly co-create or co-operate with shadow. Other peoples as well as ours. Learning to identify who is operating out of you, while wearing your face, can really help stop the daily tirade or insidious identity theft, sabotage and base operational twisted style of this otherwise (minus the MR. HYDE attitude), perfectly helpful, wise-when-functioning-healthily, Internal Gage IE YOUR  


Self-Regulating, Quantifying Life Force's, Clean

Good Energy SYSTEM.

Subtle but highly influential energies come from a multitude of connected fields, including our own and can direct everything from the wings or the sidelines, and may have been for some time. Upon closer examination, this ‘Wingmate’ is often the director of the life we ‘think’ we have, as we somehow become invited into creating shadow scenes under shadow’s directives. Knowing whom I am creating with, allows me choices to carry on or to stop. Who is wielding the torch, pen or sword in this moment and do I have ground? What we take in subliminally, are our drivers and divers too. In life’s exploratory journey, a continual grab for the wheel by the unrecognized hitchhikers can find us way off course, out of fuel, stranded and gasping for breath from the dive. 

Recognizing the influence and signature of uncontrolled energies entertaining and generating themselves in the body, allows true Transformational Work to be undertaken and experienced through guided, directed streams of conscious new reflection. Learning to see how forces of doubt, fear, shame, blame, rage and guilt impart 'chronic stress' that 'impact' in unhealthy, unwelcome ways. If left on loudspeaker 24/7, our adrenals flare out , leaving us completely drained of life, batteries exhausted, with no charge or zest for and in life, asking


'How did this become that?’ 

When we understand the whys, we can make informed choices free in the light of what ‘This is’ before it becomes ‘THAT’. We can choose WHAT gets our attention and with discernment, love, courage, care and support ,eventually even ‘THAT’ we learn to transform..

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