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'Meditation is not easy' is a quote I often hear


Some thoughts on meditation 

This is because, Meditation is an art form of quieting the mind, not the mind quieting down. Successful meditation can be achieved comfortably and easily with immediate benefit, in many numbers of ways. 

Greenpath Healing has proficiency  in several meditation solutions and can help you positively custom create a meditation or mindfulness practice to suit your 'Inquiry Style'.  There are many paths to find your bliss and state of calm. Meditations to suit are created for every level, from stillness and breath work, to body movement, dance, voice and craft. 


Engaging for at least two or more ‘Creative Making’ hours per week, no matter the skill level . . .  can be a perfect lead into relaxation and an ancient practiced trance (transformational) art.  A focus or mental exercise becomes a 'discipline' using mindfulness techniques, actively engaging left and right hemispheres of the brain  introduced at any stage to help activate powers of concentration and right-mindedness from active brain stimulation to inducing calm. With focus and practice this lovely pastime can help open up fascinating unlimited pathways to anything from fantastic design work in an art sense, to virtual body experiences, Soul communication reality destinies and everything in-between.


Through  the inner-reflection and avenues taken to work everything out, including engaging  in tactile sensation with materials and pattern, transmitters open up in the brain that ‘neuro’ correct’ and stimulate the creator's brain. 


Furthermore, even smallest endevours with colour, pattern, texture, shape and line in creativity, stimulate happy brain activity, positively increasing the production of uplifting natural mood enhancers that improve the chance of healthier heart-mind body connections. Simple as it sounds, relaxation is a learned and practiced skill and extremely valuable as that.

All the above combined with mindfulness, can be an integral and important aspect in the healing process. The heart of any embodied craft is central to many energetic healing influences and invaluable in its profound role as Healer. To consciously explore the experience of how the materials form, feel and flow from under our hands, is first understanding the joy and gift of ‘Creator’. It is organic and physical and provides rich introduction into the deep, pranic and powerful tactile experience of how we become. As each piece is created, a relationship with Soul that has always been there, but lies dormant, is birthed forth and rekindled in true reclamation of Space and HeartMind begins.


In art, we speak of ‘happy accidents’; unplanned blossoms and blooms that create texture and beauty in the finished product. However that also depends on its continuing contribution at the discretion of the artist. In Life, we often look back in hindsight and comment about something unwanted or painful being the best thing that could have happened to us at the time! Letting go, letting be and allowing in craft and in practice are also skills in Life. Self-expectation and finished ‘perfect product’ demands can relate to finding correlation and flow or not in our interactions with life and self.


If looking for an engaged way to meditate, enjoyable crafting, song, movement. music, gardening, walking etc together with mindfulness no matter the proficiency level in the vector or medium can lift and shift the current vibrational pattern. Healing starts with baby steps through intimacy and renewed contact with Self' first


Learning to just quietly sit with creative thought, letting it bubble up, fly free, bliss and enjoy, is also skilled work. These acts of Being are also called Releasing, Allowing, Permitting and Making Time for your SELF. IF YOU WANT OTHERS TO TREAT YOU RIGHT, KISS YOURSELF FIRST. These are Life skills and patterning. Life is pattern, you are the painter,  and you can make it SO.

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