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How to become an Artist.

Most valuable as a series of 6 – 12 classes and has a set price. POA


Many paint, but true artists are their own voice and platform. Learning the power of Creation and Mastering your art to speak your heart is about finding your master’s voice with colour, courage, distinction and flair. This is a series of developmental technical art workshops instructed one on one. Each session consists of 3.5 – 4 hours with set up and clean up time and is custom designed around Individual requirements. Any is media is acceptable excluding oil (ventilation and environment). Please note: There is an environmental component to all art classes that is strictly adhered to. No exceptions. 

Masters and Guides art or creative process (no experience necessary).

Craft (any) and guided reading 1.5 hours $175


This session includes creation of a small colour sketch or pattern (really no experience necessary). Most water-based media (exception acrylic), markers, pen and collage and includes a Spirit Guide reading of a current situation.

Please call for special requests or interests. 

Creative, artistic (no experience necessary), mindfulness activities (see above) combined with Counselling, Self Development or Coaching

Session is 3:00 to 3:5 hours. $350 

Achieve natural meditation and beneficial relaxation with creative and artistic process though tactile and mindful creation of art. Being present is the process of creation. Art metaphors mystically pertain to life; indeed, they address it fully as only art and music can. Valuable, professional, technical art information is also shared to help the artist or the meditator to grow.


Instruction offered in many mediums, art component includes an in-depth energy reading plus one of the following;  IE Self, Creative or Technical Development. There is a place for limited glass or tile mosaic work and can be arranged after discussion. Technical level is beginner to advanced and specialized. Design, colour and art work (Media, please see above).


Please call for a completely free and confidential consultation to find out if I am the right fit for you.  289 686 0021 You can also email for your general questions. 

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