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Mother Earth produces Energy and we are her. Mother Earth = M E

Everything requires energy to function normally and discussed below is energy though building function. A function is a purpose, role or meaning providing a tool of guidance. More than an abstract map, our reality produces quantifiable material fields (matter) that provide us those opportunities to practice applicable skills and tools to our trade. We trade energy. It is social communication. A defining act. We are the Great Social Experiment. It covers an endless arena.

In duality there has always been the 'energy of war' and an 'energy of peace'. Which one we fuel makes itself current through us and we are its wielder. 

We call forth energy to be pulled out and manifest through us. It is the CHARGE. A scared contract with Earth was written through it. It defines us and is our energizer in life.

When Energy is created (and humans DO create its forms within the self) it cannot be destroyed or ‘put out’; it can only be transformed, transferred, or diffused. These natural forces travel along ‘intentional’ pathways of the neural chemistry and form creating throught tracks and pathways. Similar frequencies in others mindful or not, form the ‘collective’.

Universal Law states Like attracts Like. Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction is what it becomes in mindlessness.


  • How do we practice peace when so many of us are at war with something or someone else.


Becoming aware of how energy pours itself and manifests through the Self, allows us closer, private examination of personal choices as the Consumer and Producer of Energy.


  • Understanding its CURRENT and the currency you have brings balance and even redirection, so the self-electrocution stops.

  • Energy can be changed (alchemy) and the old signature of disharmony ‘releases’ from trapped tissue effectively.


With the right combinations of motivation, nature’s guidance, and the Open Self, magic naturally happens.


All Services are custom designed according to the seeker.

Many wisdoms and many paths travel along the natural flow of Earth’s Current. 

More about Energy:

Energy Medicine is Practice Supporting Wholeness

Finding and maintaining equilibrium in the Human system is through the maintenance of quantifiable balancing Elements (Energy Sources). Excess or deficiency of the essential elements in our wholeness can create surcease or surcharge in the system to deplete further. We are batteries in life. Our own.

Learning to sense oneself through a gentle guided approach to the body’s energetic portals and gates of the subtle human system, Chakras, introduces us to all that S’More.

Personal auditing, tantra (somatic inquiry of body listening) are the tools of ‘WHAT' belongs to us and what does not, and can help stop the daily tirade or insidious identity theft and sabotage of the unhealthy chattering EGO.


It just wants out too, in a healthier way!

Peace and joy in living everyone,




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