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More about Energy:

Mother Earth produces Energy and we are her. Mother Earth = M E

Everything requires some form of energy to function normally and discussed below are a few energy fundamentals that this quantifiable field provides.

In Every-thinking to Every-thinging we are energy consumers, producers, mitigators and handlers. We are energies’ Avatars. Energy is written and decoded in our bodies and sometimes not all energies called forth are benevolent, marvelous or beneficial.

In duality there has always been the 'energy of war' and an 'energy of peace'. This we see and feel daily in the world around us, but are not always aware of how this push, pull magnetic force makes its’ inroads through us in every thought, feeling and decision we make. It makes itself current through us and we are its wielder. 

We call forth energy to be pulled out and manifest through us. In the dualistic nature of our Universe, Energy has different ‘flavours’ and ‘frequencies’. These natural forces travel along ‘intentional’ pathways of similar frequencies that are a ‘collective’ and are directly entranced, connected and collected to that of its nature. This is Universal Law. IE Like attracts Like, this is Law.

Energy cannot be destroyed or ‘put out’; it can only be transformed, transferred or diffused. Becoming aware of how energy pours itself and manifests through Self, allows closer examination as Consumer and Producer of Energy. What Energy is consumed and does it in return, provide or consume? If one is beneficial the other devouring, becoming aware of what you consume or what consumes you can be a rewarding and most enlightening experience. Examining consciously the feelings around it without judgement, brings awareness of how undesired but inadvertent situations are being unconsciously created. Understanding can bring release and redirection.

Energy can be changed (this is alchemy). When we can find the ‘right’ currency, influence or key within us, whatever we release back into the field around us, is transformed or converted intentionally into something else. This process of transformation during the release process, is becalmed (be-come); thereby discontinuing its jarring effects, doubling back and re-infecting the body. Because old energy has been transformed, the frequency no longer exists and cannot ‘attract’ the ‘same’ undesired, punch back looping result, and the old signature of disharmony can ‘release’ from trapped tissue. Often soothing results can be experienced immediately and retained effectively with the right combinations of guidance, motivation and the Open Self.

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