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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page is a guideline based on what has worked in the past and each person Being Unique, may find it as something else for you. Please call with personal or general questions. Everyone is of their own Accord and each requirement special and different. 


How Many Sessions do I need? 


Energy Work centers around Shifting, Release and Balance and while everyone is unique, I suggest an initial 3 to 6, spread over a few weeks to see how they sit with you as it may take 10 to 12 sessions, more if chronic to severe. First sessions close together are beneficial to get some leverage especially in mid chronic or severe situations that may require  20 + with more frequency in the beginning, until some degree of relief is experienced. Life and folk are all different and many Individuals continue to receive ‘touch up' services as needed. 


What takes place in a session? 

Part 1 consists of a first-time evaluation and intake discussion around immediate contributing factors as well as past history which can take up 1:5 hours. 


Part 2 includes Release and Vital Energy Re-Application to Restore, Balance and Integrate ( takes approximately 1:00 hour ) 

In treatment, subtle natural remedies are employed that can affect deep and lasting change according to the integrating system and receptivity of the individual being seen. The repertoire and repository available are beyond numerous and pointlessly limiting to label. It is my experience that our many Transformative Systems are influenced by similar powerful universal truths; we as humans separate them according to our own comfort levels and beliefs. Here practical Holistic and Wholeness Resources are explored with guidance for personal ground-breaking energetic stimulation, healing, insight and recovery.  

Who sees my Information?


Client privacy and confidentiality is protected at all times. Please call for more details.  

Scheduling and Missed appointments.

Please call to make an appointment. Do not leave messages here or on social media as they cannot be attended to.  24 Hours notice is required for all cancellations and missed appointments are fully charged unless in case of genuine emergency. 

Billing Payment and Insurance. 


All services need to be paid in full at the end of each session. 


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