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Healing Services.

If you experience recurring bouts of anxiety and depression, or struggle to cope in areas that feel more like deficit, situations and circumstances in daily life can feel overwhelming.

Traditional counselling provides many avenues and inroads that allow an individual to explore and develop skills in seeking a more balanced life. Deeper guided exploration of how some patterns may have developed, can bring valuable self understanding and spark the motivation needed, for positive change to take place. Creative exploration in ‘relationship’ to self and an integrated  approach is used that reflects relational and personal connections and conceptions in process.

Recognizing disruptive anxiety triggers and causes of repetitive chronic stress, helps to uncover and ‘interrupt’ or change that pattern, so that anxious, painful, persistent situations don’t have to be the  continual distortive patterns of influence in your life.

Recognition often allows a person to get a handle on the underlying forces of discomfort, as well as provides a  foundation to develop the skills, in finding better ways to cope and access appropriate outlets for supportive and beneficial change.

Spiritual counselling is also offered, which is an Holistic way of looking at the ‘Wholeness of Being and addresses mind – body – spirit connections. Some of these modalities can include philosophies from Eastern and Traditional systems.

This is can be achieved through some gentle, non-invasive light touch, which can allow relevant memories and feelings to surface, that can be helpfully worked through. Symbols, dreams, archetypes can also be explored and incorporated in with deep inner child work. Sound, light, colour, movement and other toning systems, can bring about space for reflection.

Chakras or energy centers ( Eastern or Traditional Systems ), may be mentioned and explored, which can allow a tangible awareness to develop in the mind/heart/body relationship to self and all of ‘Creation’ and can include developing an intimate journey with the Self or Soul in observed space, which can transpire in a very personal organic and natural way.

It can be a means to discover and observe for oneself in personal attendance of how the progression of wellness, becomes an observed ‘natural process in action’, involving intention and right action. Breath work, calming exercises and visualization practices can all be important parts of the session.

Many modalities are studied and used, please call to fully discuss your private and confidential needs.

Vanessa is a counsellor in Holistic, Traditional and Spiritual Medicine Paths.

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