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A long-time practitioner-Adept of Holistic Paths and traditional healing, Vanessa’s adventures in the alchemy of Natural Medicine began in Kenya as part of early childhood. The African Bush, the immense jungles, wild forests, and amazing natural people inspired her life then and today. Early investment in those foundational studies, practices, and arts the passion continued growing her in as a motivational artist, educator, and coach in the science of the study and safe practice of natural medicine.


Early initiation and childhood experiences led to further passionate interests with training beginning in Kenya, and continuing in England, the USA, New Zealand, and Canada. The journey was and still is supported by hundreds if not thousands of people along the way. Community and spirit.

Vanessa is a member of the Ontario Mental Health Association and  holds a professional diploma earned in Toronto, in transformational arts healing, and spiritual psychotherapy. Her several years of experience prior comes from a personal one and the opportunity of working with clients and fellow seekers from all walks of life, actively looking to implement better living practices.



Psychotherapy is not practiced but the methods understood, and the fundamental rules, privacy and confidentiality clauses are applied by the practice, and professional codes and standards of ethical practices are followed and adhered to as set out by the Practitioner’s Adept Training and the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals.


​Vanessa is a Traditional Practitioner working with wholeness as Path. 


A practice to liberate the Inner Benefactor (I Be).

Vanessa’s private and confidential practice

is located in Fenwick, Ontario

Please Contact for more Info.

What is Medicine?

It is Applied Wisdom.

You are who You are Looking For.

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