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‘My professional path has been inspired, practiced and founded into being by my personal one in search of answers for myself beginning in my early twenties. Replacing uncomfortable, chronic stress influencers with new, transformed, relatable energy, brought answers where none had come to light before. These were all experienced by applying my Meditation and my ‘ Medicine’  to me and in which I remain well immersed.

'It is Love’s assurance that through Mother Earth, Each Way brings what we need to look for a more benevolent course of action, so that when it is time to implement this . . . it is there.’

A long time Practitioner Adept of Wholeness and Holistic Paths, Vanessa’s adventures in 'Natural Medicine’ began in Kenya as part of early childhood training and continued with growing tenancy in England, USA, New Zealand and Canada; loving Gentle Benefactors of Home Kith and Kin. From her family’s passionate love, conservation of Nature and perspective of All Community, as well as her own training and experiences, these powerful endorsing threads continue to weave, create and inspire dedication in pursuing the liberated arts and joys of Beneficial Being in the Fields of Powerful Natural Solution.

Vanessa is a Traditional Wisdom Professional in Global and Universal Medicine Systems using wholeness as Path. 

A practice to liberate the Inner Benefactor (I Be).

Vanessa’s private and confidential practice

is located in Fenwick, Ontario

Please Contact for more Info.

What is Medicine?

It is Applied Wisdom.

You are who You are Looking For.


Vanessa Brownbridge

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