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Chakras, Energy & Mystery Paths

Creation design influencers enter through unseen, but tangible vital body portals (chakras), energy input and output valves (very simple terms), acting as the bodies all-dimensional, super-intelligent, interlocking Delivery System; acting much like waterway locks, a ship must travel through, to access and supply inland riverways and ports. What the ship carries, and how it delivers is supplied to every port along the way. Some deliveries can lead to unwanted devilries and re deliveries! 


Unlocking the vast corridors and ancient portals of the Bodies’ Chakra System, gains entrance and first seat into the towering great mystery houses we are.

This is a process sometimes associated with ‘Kundalini.’ In safe activation this rises up and through our chakra system and if developed through intention, can lead us into our full potential, if that is indeed our conscious choice. Not every kundalini rising leads to awakening. This has to be actively pursued, developed and practiced, as in any self-development path and can often take a series of challenging, progressive, growth tasks through situations that develop inner strength, courage, fortitude, dedication,  and progressive movement to unify Mind, Body and Spirit in the expansion of Will and Space. How do we view Space? What is Space? Every individual will take it as far as they choose and where each can go. The importance here is ‘The Will’. It is said that to die consciously we must live consciously. This is a process of Spiritual Advancement and Enlightenment through Willing and Acceptance. The initiate pursuing awakening, travels from a limited consciousness to the unlimited by Quest, Acceptance, Action Undertaken, Growth/Graduation, Gain, Expansion Action and so the cycle continues its spiral upward.  


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