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Energy Medicine Inquiry, Evaluation and Balance  2.5 hours $250 includes

PART 1) Discovery undercover.


PART 2) Release, infusion and balance. 

Follow up sessions are 60 or 90 minutes $150 per session

Violet Ray: Awakening Heart Centered Consciousness $150 

Discussion, implementation and Hands on Energy Work. 

(please note some releasing natural body movement postures and sensations may be

experienced with breath, focus release and mediation)

Walking Your Personal Alchemy through your bodies' Wisdom. 

Understanding Chakra 'Bullies' and 'Guides' to Authentic Medicine Power. (BiG AMP) and cont: in 

Galactic Gateways to the Internal Eternal 1.5 hours. $150

Consciousness embodies all aspects of the heart, mind body continuum. A Tangible Field in Etheric Space, Thought Currents contain and create the human entity in its 'current and progressing' material form. Multifaceted and super-intelligent, this powerful, sensory bio form called 'the human' is comprised of photons and light particles, combining in a series of untold formulations of consciousness all creating the all of you NOW. It is your Frequency and Vibrational Pattern that you are Morse Coding out into LIFE.  LIFE IS PATTERN. Genus is as genus does, and this is Genesis. New beginnings, allow your rebirth to create a new and powerful YOU.  

Simply put, Chakras are the bodies' invisible but tangible input and out put valves fueling and feeding us with our current information process and hold astonishing extraordinary power. When these wheels spin in accordance with Universal Law, space travel will be in sight. Discover this ancient and powerful gate way into eternal Mysteries. Most of all in practical terms gain access to a system of healthy recovery and every being can take it where they will.

All the above focus on ascending the ladders of integrity, discernment and autonomy. All sessions are geared into helping you draw on how you always have choices, redirection and application as Maestro in your own version of the Creation Game and how to access your POWER. 


One Earth and Real Tent Safaris:

The Truth and Wonder of  You $130 

Self-Development Care and Coaching Sessions 60 mins


One Spirit Safari’s: Angels, Masters and Guides: $150

Understanding the fundamental levels of creation; your belief, your wisdom and the planes of creation.  Discover your internal and eternal through the mysteries of Sacred Sages and Soul Maestros constantly working with YOU.

Her Heart Earthly Chart. 1.5 hrs $150 

Opening Heart Chakra Center with our Earth R'ellies'

to give you Full View into Magnificent You.

Discover and evolve your innermost strengths, skills and forte as you communicate in celebration as ‘We the People’ with our many fellow Gaian guides and citizens of Mother Earth that hold vital clues to our relationship with the MOTHERSHIP. 

Ancestry, Lineage and Birthright. 1.5 hrs $150

Understanding Ancestry and its direct influence on your directional pathways.


AKASHA Multidimensional Safaris 1.5 hours $150

This session is for mid to seasoned practitioners in the Mystery and Sacred Medicine Paths,  wishing  to deepen their practice with extensive forays into the Akasha and advanced traditional medicine principles. Not recommended for the unseasoned practitioner. What is the Akasha? What do you believe the Akasha is? Cellular Connections and Galatic multidimensional, metaphysical, supernatural and scientific concepts are explored deeply in relation to the Cosmos, Our Universe and Nature.

Exploring Concepts of the Multidimensional. 1.5 hours $150

Numerology, form and signature symbology are retrieved from entering relaxed, grounded natural, trans-states and are Keys to the Whole. Seasoned practitioners of meditation as well as beginners can enjoy and benefit from this inter-dimensional exploration of relationship with the Mother and learn her language of love.

Please call with your private and confidential questions 


For counselling fees please see counselling page - click here

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