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Guides & Chakra Wisdom

Walking the path with wise, loving, nurturing guides, allows one to safely question the feelings within or new situations arising. Often just connecting with a benevolent unseen presence on a deeper level brings joy and relief. Connection to Higher Wisdom offering choices may be key to first healings. Perhaps a chance at real change is offered. Did you know you can?  Or seeing it as it really is through the eyes of Love and noticing if it creates your world or destroys it.


In meeting with the guides these Mystical Gate Guardians can appear in any shape, size or form. In of itself, vast clues into your own Portal of Spirit as each Chakra gives up its Wisdom to be applied to ‘Lesson’. Guides come in many guises to teach and train in lessons of harmony and discernment. Here new realizations come to aid expansion and as each Gate or Lock is successfully accessed, an alignment occurs: once healed and released, Elevated Sensory Perceptions naturally surface, no longer obstructed or obscured by'Shadows' gateways of denial or emotional ‘Intrusions’. In 'unpinning' Shadow, with a trusted beloved Soulwise Counselour and Elder of Belief;  the conscious can flow freely to develop fully into the expanding stream of relativity and due process.

Here, becoming aware of what is actually us and ‘Wills us' is the first step into finding resounding clues. Where the will can give, the will can also withhold. Where the will is held and welded allows us big insight and recovery of the Helm. (This word is so weighted energetically it holds its own key and occupies a 'Space' in of itself (More coming soon).  Who the Driver of Will is and the energy or flavour behind Will, is the mitigating factor of how it influences the creations that come to seek you out.

It is from this level of consciousness that daily life is generated.


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