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  • Vanessa Brownbridge

Mindfulness Meditation

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Life, love and health are so tenuous. For all of us love and light workers, navigating these unprecedented waters, reconnecting with Inner Being is more important than ever before.

Starting with baby steps, practicing focus, allows us to really connect and plug in. The simple flow, breath, love and intention of allowing this to unfold and recharge, will bring untold dividends as we learn to replenish and restore our energy fields. This is solid, foundational ground work. Many powerful, personal, mindful and meditative practices can develop from this core, each as unique, personal and gifted as the being who walks it. Please join me weekly for free continuing mindfulness explorations as I build upon this valuable skill in this age of requirement.

Be Your .Com

If keeping everything together; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically is a feat right now, a mindful, loving, self-exploration exercise to ground you will help in these nebulous times.

This is doubly important, for it is from your grounding that you stabilize life. PLEASE READ MORE under meditation (mindfulness 101)

Easy Mindfulness Foundation practice. Beginner- Advanced practitioners.

In these uncertain times, many feel as if they are losing their footing. Keeping centered now can help us all. What affects us, affects the World . . . more crucially now than ever before.

This practice requires maintaining a Light . . . Slow . . . Deliberate . . . SENSING Focus (highly advanced practitioners can benefit too), for Spiritual Wellbeing, Balance and Equilibrium.

Clear a space so that when standing upright, you can circle your arms out and around easily and you can swing your body around freely. This is Physical Space.

Slowly walk around that space and carve the circle in your mind. With slow deliberate focus, breathing gently, eyes softly open, orient your mind to Mother Earth’s Cardinal Points. Bring your focus to your center. This is your core and the starting point.

Slowly, carefully and methodically, one at a time starting in the South position Earth, we are going to view ourselves from these Cardinal states, starting here and moving clockwise to the West (Moon), North (Wind), East (Sun) ‘Space’ in the center from this point represents ‘Viewed Embodiment’. Yours

· Earth symbolizes Matter IE physical body: foundation for all expression. South Position

· Moon symbolizes Water represents Emotion and the ability to express and lies to the West

· Air symbolizes represents Mind and Thought and is positioned in the North

· Fire symbolizes represents Spirit, Heart, Essence, Joy and is positioned in the East

· Space represents consciousness . . . Yours. CENTER

*Many Indigenous and Traditional systems in-cooperate this circle in ceremony and ritual. It is in our Root Matrix. Every human has come from an Indigenous Populace Root Matrix, no matter how far back in Creation.

Maintaining soft focus, sit or stand quietly in Earth(South)position, breathing in and out. Gently close your eyes and relax. Lightly scan your body. Just notice any discomfort. Ask; how are you now my physical body? Stop. . . Become still . . . listen . . . just feel . . . notice . . . pay attention to your physical body. Don’t analyze . . . just notice

Slowly and deliberately move clockwise to the left and move into Moon position (West) facing into the circle. Ask: how am I doing emotionally now? Stop . . . become still . . . listen . . . just feel . . . notice. Sometimes we can stay here for a while. Allow it to be, take all the time you need. Ask, listen, feel . . . notice . . . Don’t analyze . . . here in silence replenishment can come. (A symbolic test of the times.)

When you are ready, move slowly clockwise with mindfulness and deliberation into North Position. This is the area of mental faculty. Ask: How am I doing mentally today? Am I replenished? If not, Stop . . . become still . . . listen . . . feel . . . notice. Pay attention to breath here . . . notice . . . Don’t analyze . . . Let your thoughts go . . . Allow Air to elevate or buoy them up out and away. Feel gratitude when this happens.

Slowly and deliberately now with focus step into the East Position SOL. This is Sun Source, Soul Source, Source Power, Eagle’s Flight to the Great Fire Star in the Sky called our SUN. She is what energizes, replenishes and star stocks your trade. It is Sol’s voice you have come to hear, heart and listen. Place yourself here. You are now in the Upanishads and The Akasha, Source Wisdom. Your Heart is the Portal

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