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Stress Factors, Exhaustion and Burn out

Stress related issues are energy leaks that ‘create’ dis-harmony. In terms of ‘Currency’, disharmony requires the greatest effort, output and outreach of energy spent, with the least expectation in gain or return. This vicious cycle of despondency affects everything we are and becomes lodged in us or becomes us.  Entire lifetimes are spent in acquisition and gain of some sort, manifesting as different realities. Wealth, fame and fortune on the surface perhaps yes, but knowledge, healing, joy, recognition and spiritual gifts are further acquisitions of growth, expansion and recovery.

Constant fear is toxic and creates pain. It poisons, stings, suffocates and blinds our System into stunned and abused compliance. So does Shame, Guilt and Grief. Some sensitives I have worked with, feel burning, stinging, itching and other unpleasant sensations under their skins all of the time as well as physical symptoms with never any let up. This can lead to a life-time of trying limitations, as well as always ‘trying’ to find the right medication or meditation and can be influenced by every experience and errant thought that has caught or hooked the attention.

Our physical bodies are buffeted, churned, rushed, distracted and obstructed by the very vagrancies of thought. Awareness of who or what depletes core energy, helps us to identify and neutralize unwanted agents, mishandling the most essential fundamental workings in our life.

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